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Regulates the Cerebral Cortex. Balances the vital currents of the Cerebral Cortex.

The Cerebral Cortex , through the 5 senses receives and records information coming from the whole body and the outside world. The Cerebral Cortex is the driving element of all the organs-meridians.

Benefits from nourishing the vital currents of the HEART –SMALL INTESTINE family, and relates to the sense of sight.

It nourishes the Cerebral pole and gives the brain all the necessary strength for its leading role. It can be considered as a neurological regulator.

Use for:

  • Genersal imbalance add Nutri 11
  • Overwork, intellectual fatigue, depressive states add Nutri 12
  • Lack of projects add Nutri 04
  • Studying for exams add Nutri 12 and 18
  • Following general anaesthetics add 12 and 30
  • Serious asthenia add Nutri 11 and 12
  • For athletes for optimal muscular functioning add Nutri 12, 12, and 16


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