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Thank you for looking at whom I am (there about). I was born in France after the 2nd world war. I spent my youth with family members who passed on to me their skills in: Cupping, Poultice, Inhalation, Herbal remedies, that were common practices in those days. I then trained as an Assistant Chemist, where I learned to make potions, lotions, Syrups, pills, powders, suppositories, ovules, creams and ointments. I also manufactured homeopathic remedies. Then I went to England to learn the English language. I completed my State Registered Nursing training in Croydon. Then I traveled around the world for 3 years and learned many healing techniques from various ethnic groups. When I arrived in New Zealand, after spending a few years on a farm (where I learned a lot about animals), I worked in the prison system for 16 and half years. During that time I learned about, Offender management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and delivered rehabilitative programmes for Violence Prevention and Drug and Alcohol addiction. I also learned about assessing people and became a Sentence Planner. 8 years ago, I focused in working with Holistic Health. I completed a certificate in Natural Therapy, obtain a diploma in Bowen Therapy, and did many training to acquire various skills like: ortho bionomy, Being in Colour, Scenar, Nutri Puncture and much more… I now study Bowen Therapy for animals and I am a Bowen Trainee teacher. Your health is my concern, so why not paying me a visit and see how best I can help you in recovering or maintaining your well being.