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Bed wetting


Common problems, with bedwetting are with Kidney and bladder

Key points to remember

  • Bedwetting happens during sleep
  • Your child can’t control their bedwetting – it is not their fault
  • Be patient
  • Most children grow out of bedwetting

About bedwetting

Wetting the bed at night (nocturnal enuresis) is very common in young children.

Bedwetting is not considered to be a problem until children are about seven years of age. That is a good age to introduce treatment programmes if your child wants to do something about it.
Almost all children grow out of bedwetting. About one percent of adults may still have occasional problems.

What causes bedwetting?

  • There is no universal cause of bedwetting but we know that:
  • Bedwetting runs in families
  • The waking-up response to having a full bladder is not fully developed; your child does not have conscious control over bedwetting
  • Your child’s bladder cannot hold the amount of urine that they produce overnight
  • Your child’s bladder may be twitchy or overactive – this may cause wet pants or urgency (rushing off to the toilet) in the daytime
  • Fluid restricting in the evening and at night does not stop bedwetting
  • Constipation can lead to bedwetting
  • Bedwetting is rarely due to urine infection, disease or child abuse

What can I do to help?

  • Be patient and understanding – reassure your child, especially if they are upset
  • Do praise and reward your child for getting up to use the toilet
  • Do respond gently when your child wets the bed – even if you feel angry
  • Do prepare the bed and your child. Use a heavy plastic cover mattress and protect the mattress with absorbent pads or towels. It might help to stop your child flooding the bed if they wear extra-thick underwear and pyjamas
  • Do give your child plenty of fluid during the day. This helps their bladder to get used to holding bigger amounts of urine
  • Do avoid any caffeine-containing drinks such as tea, chocolate or fizzy drinks before bedtime
  • Do get your child to wee before bedtime
  • If you wake your child up to wee after they have been asleep for several hours, it is important to make sure they are fully awake
  • Do shower or bath your child in the morning before they go to school – otherwise the smell of urine might embarrass them and lead to teasing

The BowTech solution to Bedwetting

BowTech is a gentle therapy that can assist a Child or Adult to overcome Bedwetting by:

  • Working with the Bladder/ Kidney Meridian, the Coccix and the abdomen.
  • Following certain dietery advise to reduce the amount of certain chemicals in the brain that trigger the relaxation of the bladder
  • Having the therapy applied weekly Frog

Weight control


I occasionally write about weight control, because it has been (and still is) a lifelong struggle. I am “socially”classified as “Obese” and I am now suffering from “High Blood Pressure” and elevated “Cholesterol”. Therefore I keep looking for solutions to assist me in remaining healthy. Giving everything a good go.


Many factors lead to obesity Factorsmine is probably about my beliefs from childhood, change of lifestyle and accumulated failure to succeed in my weight goal.

My Doctor one day told me to: “stop eating, this way I will not put on weight…..” Not the best advice as: where would I get my vitamin and mineral from?

I have had a go at: removing process food from my diet, reducing sugar, not eating bread, reducing salt, associating weight release to a tune and listening to that music every day, meditation, positive thinking, visualisation, weight watchers, Ducan diet….

Occasionally I did release some weight but put it back on as soon as I stopped whatever food restriction I had put myself on. I have been on an everlasting circle
of growing smaller and then growing back to a larger size.

Recently I was introduced to “Homai Nutrition” in Frankton. I have began their treatment and listening to their recommendation. I have a “weight in” weekly and I see them daily. Their support is invaluable. I am not longer struggling on my own. I also have discovered that it was not just about reducing your weight but also, building muscles and reducing body fat. WATER is one of the main ingredients… One week, I reduce my weight by 1kg and yet I had increased my body fat and reduced my body muscle, mainly because I had not eaten much and not drank sufficient water. The fat decided to feed on my muscles. Most interesting…. I am therefore reviewing my thoughts, beliefs about weight control, and look at it more into the light of fat burning, muscle building and changing my habits.

If you are struggling with your weight, being too much or not enough, may I recommend you visit “Homai Nutrition” in Frankton and have a look if it is for you.