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Bowtech New Zealand

Bowen Therapy is revolutionizing the field of health care

Being in Colour

Being in Colour – A safe & simple explorative process into emotional core triggers to assist you to establish effective, empowering solutions.

John2 Consulting

John develops websites for small groups and individuals – including this one.

Optimal Breathing

Optimal Breathing Development Work integrates ancient teachings and modern science and technology and is compatible with all forms of religious, spiritual and stream of consciousness expressions. Breathing mechanics are essentially the same for almost everyone but many of us lose good breathing or never had it. That distorts our reality and nervous system function. We teach rock solid breathing fundamentals for a variety of goals and purposes.

Lady of the Rainbow Heart – Pip Oxlade

Pip Oxlade – ThetaHealing® Master and Instructor. Medical Intuitive, Psychic. Author and advanced teacher of the ‘Being in Colour®’ process. I am privileged to be a healer’s healer passionate about life and sharing loving gems of wisdom after journeying through cancer and life’s gifts. Let me know what you are searching for.

Discover insight from a different perspective

John Abraham

Learn about mesothelioma symptoms