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Nutri 11 : LIVER



Balances the vital currents of the liver.

The liver regulates the functioning of the metabolic pole. It helps produce all the nutritional elements necessary for the cells (TPA) and nourishes the whole body with humoral information.

It is strongly connected to all other organs. Therefore, dysfunction in them can also disturb the liver’s functional balance. It is called upon particularly on spring.

In association to the Gall Bladder, the liver constitutes one of the family of organ-meridians and represents the metabolic pole. It relates to the sense of touch.

Use for:

  • General instability add Nutri 08
  • Quick tempered or at the other end of the spectrum depressed
  • Physical or mental fatigue add Nutri 08 and 12
  • Any hepatic disturbance, it is a helpful addition to medical treatment
  • Depurative and detoxifying action on the body add Nutri 30
  • Any inflammatory condition add Nutri 01
  • Helps digestion add Nutri 18
  • To find one’s balance in spring for women add Nutri 30, 35, and 37 – For men add Nutri 30. 36 and 38
  • Oily hair add Nutri 03, 05, and 30
  • Any skin problem add Nutri 19 and 30
  • Acne add Nutri 01 and 19



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