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Plays an important role in control of body temperature. It has a fundamental role in hormone balance. It is in connection with the rhinencephalon, which receives input from odours and acts on sexual hormonal secretions.

It is under the influence of the Cerebral Cortex and is particularly sensitive to stress and to physical and intellectual overwork.

Benefits from nourishing the vital currents of the LUNGS-COLON family and relates to the sense of smell

It can help in the following cases:

  • Physical and intellectual overwork, depressive states add Nutri 08 – For men: Nutri 14
  • Hormonal balance add Nutri 08
  • Studying for exams add Nutri 08
  • Serious fatigue add Nutri 08 and 11
  • Following surgical operations under general anaesthesia add Nutri 08 and 30
  • Loss of sens of smell add for women: Nutri 07 and 25 – For men: Nutri 06 and 27
  • For the athletes for optimal muscular functioning add Nutri 02, 08 and 16


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