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Nutri 18 : SPLEEN/PANCREAS Meridian



Balances the vital currents of the PANCREAS.

Its role is that of metabolic transformation. It functions by using exocrine, enzyme and endocrine secretions and by participating in the regulation of nutritional absorption.

Together with the STOMACH, the PANCREAS makes up one of the 5 families of organ-meridians. It relates to the sense of taste.

It can help in the following cases:

  • To act freely and not just out of a sense of duty
  • An appetite for work
  • Pathologies during the weekend that improves on Monday add Nutri 10
  • Authoritarianism, disregard of the freedom of others
  • Difficulty “fitting in”
  • For a diabetic case in conjunction with medical treatment add Nutri 27
  • Any disturbances of the pancreas
  • Disturbance in Protein metabolism add Nutri 27
  • To support the formation of the osteo-muscular skeleton add Nutri 16 and 17
  • To facilitate digestion add Nutri 11
  • Intellectual work using logic, studying for exams add Nutri 08
  • To adjust well when returning from summer vacationand the inter-seasons add Nutri 10


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